Welcome to Chicago Lagunitas

Big news for the Chicago brewing scene broke last night: Lagunitas is going to be brewing in Chicago. The new facility will be located at 18th Street and Rockwell Avenue in the Douglas Park neighborhood of Chicago. A short walk from the Western Ave stop on the BNSF metra, we can only hope Lagunitas will open a beer garden on site similar to the delightful open air curtilage nestled next to their original Petaluma brewery in northern California.  When BeerDownload travels to the San Francisco Bay area, we make it a point to travel the hour or so north to enjoy a Lagunitas brew or two in one of the most pleasant drinking atmospheres we’ve encountered.  It sounds like we may be able to get a similar experience a lot closer to home in the near future.

Adam Nason over at BeerPulse put together a nice article shortly after Lagunitas owner Tony Magee tweeted the news.  Adam’s article conveniently aggregates the relevant tweets, so click through to get the story straight from the dog’s mouth.