Episode 132 – Bell’s – Two Hearted Ale vs Hudepohl-Schoenling – Little Kings

Lincoln station is great. Breweries in planning and brewery openings, the numbers. Where is the DDBA? More on barrel aged beers.

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Episode 132

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  1. Matt Gilbert says:

    Did you guys hear from anyone regarding your bracket needs? I’ve customized a few wordpress plugins in my time, and would be happy to look into this for you in exchange for a beer or two. Let me know over Facebook or Google Plus.

    • matt@beerdownload.com says:

      We have a few things in the works now. Right now it looks like our needs fall into 2 areas. 1) a decent database, so we don’t have to keep reformatting data and 2) and decent display of the bracket information from the database.

      Webmaster Ben started working on a new Excel based bracket http://www.beerdownload.com/wordpress/the-bracket/ – and is probably going to continue to populate unless we find a better solution.

      • Matt Gilbert says:

        Fair enough. Seems like it would be ideal to have a WP plugin, but my quick search didn’t turn up anything close to being able to handle what you need without significant mods.

        • ben@beerdownload.com says:

          Last time I looked for a plugin a few months ago I wasn’t able to find anything either. Arata covered the current situation and my current plan. I will probably just set up the database in the same Excel sheet. I can copy and paste the Excel sheet into my 10 year old version of Frontpage and get the html without writing any code. I don’t think anything other than a wordpress plugin will be that easy. Let me know if you do run into something you think we can use or you can modify for us to use and I can make you famous with a few hundred beer nerds and arrange for some good beer to be shared with you.