Episode 94 – Furthermore – Oscura vs Furthermore – Fatty Boombalatty

Complete FOBAB coverage featuring audio from the event. Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beers. Many special guests including:

Andy Wedge, from the great state of Tennesseee
Charles Stanley, Upland Brewing Company
Rory Nolan, friend of Upland
Chris Knight, friend of BeerDownload
Adam Galvan, Ratebeer.com
Jessica Brown, friend of Ratebeer
Chris Quinn, The Beer Temple
Ryan Penke, Dilorenzo-Penke Distributing for Upstream Brewing
Jess Straka, Metropolitan Brewing
Mike “BBB”, friend of BeerDownload
Brad and Ken, Hop-Cast
John Hall, Goose Island

Photos from Fobab

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Episode 94

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